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General Dentistry for Van Buren Families

When it comes to achieving long-term oral health, general dentistry services are vital. New Smiles Dental offer General Dentistry in Van Buren, AR.

At New Smiles Dental, we take a multifaceted approach to maintaining your oral health. Through a combination of preventative, hygiene and restorative dentistry, we will help you obtain the smile of your dreams and remain healthy.

Our routine dental procedures follow the recommendations of the American Dental Association. We encourage all of our patients to schedule checkups for every six months. By doing so, Dr. Lopez is able to detect diseases and damage before they can pose a risk to your long-term health. Your routine dental checks will involve basic examinations, which may include x-rays.

To ensure your oral hygiene remains excellent, we will offer general advice and cleaning. Professional dental cleaning will keep infections at bay and enhance the aesthetics of your teeth. If you suffer from a condition such as gingivitis, you will be asked to attend routine cleaning appointments on a frequent basis.

For patients who suffer from oral diseases or damage, we offer general, restorative procedures. In addition to offering fillings and root canals to those who have developed decay, we provide reconstructive services. Dr. Lopez will be able to provide you with dentures, crowns, bridges and other restorative procedures, should the need arise.

To learn more about the General Dentistry in Van Buren, AR services available with New Smiles Dental, contact our office. Our friendly clinical team is happy to answer your questions whether you are an existing or prospective patient. Call New Smile Dental at 479-434-4277.