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Continuing Dental Education

September 30, 2017

Two dentists discussing treatmentDentistry, like most career fields, is constantly changing, growing, and innovating. Dentists who don’t complete adequate continuing education can easily fall behind when it comes to offering the best treatment for patients. You may not think continuing education is that important, but as your dentist will tell you, keeping up with the latest techniques and technologies can make all the difference in the dental care they provide.

Complete Your Smile with Your Dentist in Ft. Smith

August 24, 2017

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Conventional dentureYour teeth are made to last a lifetime with the right care. However, all too often, tooth loss occurs. When your smile is incomplete, it causes you to feel insecure while also decreasing your quality of life. You can no longer speak clearly while you often find yourself avoiding your favorite foods because they become too difficult to chew. Not to mention, your oral health will also decline. To regain a complete smile, 15% of those with missing teeth turn to dentures every year. As an affordable and convenient means to fill the empty space, your dentist Ft. Smith has the solutions you need.

All Smiles Need Fluoride, Says Your Dentist in Fort Smith

July 28, 2017

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Our dentist in Fort Smith recommends fluoride. Fluoride is crucial for smiles of all ages. The mineral strengthens tooth enamel to protect it against cavities — and for its significant oral health benefits, your dentist in Fort Smith wants to ensure all our patients are getting enough fluoride every day. But why is fluoride so important? And how can you be sure your teeth are benefitting from this mineral? Don’t go anywhere, because Dr. Gilbert Lopez is in with everything you need to know about fluoride in this week’s blog post.


Dr. Lopez Brings Dental Services to the Philippines

July 8, 2017

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Your dentist Dr. Gilbert Lopez knows his duty to provide high-quality dental care extends beyond our immediate community. Everyone needs basic dental services — but too many people do not have the resources to maintain happy, healthy smiles. To help, Dr. Lopez recently went to the Philippines with Hand of Hope, a Joyce Meyer Ministry, to bring vital dentistry services to men, women, and children who desperately need them.


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Dr. Lopez left from Fort Smith on April 20 and arrived in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, on April 21. In Manila, he participated in a service at the Word of Hope Church. On April 24, he started in the clinics. Dr. Lopez and his team saw 40 to 50 patients each day for four days, providing them with basic services like tooth extractions, restorative care, and education on proper dental hygiene.

In addition to providing high quality dental care for four days, Dr. Lopez brought a number of clothes and toys to the children at the clinic. He was also able to visit an orphanage in Quezon, a province southeast of Manila.

Dr. Lopez feels honored to have been able to provide dentistry for his patients in the Philippines, and he looks forward to sharing stories from his trip with our patients at New Smile Dental! patients in the Philippines, and he looks forward to sharing stories from his trip our patients at New Smile Dental!



Your Dentist in Fort Smith for Porcelain Veneers

May 9, 2017

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Your dentist in Fort Smith answers your questions about porcelain veneers.Are cosmetic imperfections hurting the appearance of your smile? If you do not love how your teeth look, you can transform your smile with porcelain veneers. Now, you can increase your confidence and the beauty of your smile using a simple, noninvasive cosmetic procedure. As your dentist in Fort Smith, Dr. Gilbert Lopez will enhance the shape, proportion, and color of your teeth to give you a smile you will love showing off. However, before you begin your smile transformation, we know you have plenty of questions. To ensure you make a wise investment, we have the answers to your top questions.

Reverse Periodontal Disease with Your Dentist in Fort Smith

March 23, 2017

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Did you know that your dentist can save your teeth and gums with periodontal treatments?Like most of us, you have probably been warned by your dentist about the dangers of gingivitis and maybe even its “evil twin”, periodontitis. Scientists didn’t start studying this condition until the 1700’s, but we know that it has been around for much longer. How do we know? It clearly destroys your healthy teeth. Since periodontal research has continued, ancient mummified Egyptians have been discovered showing signs of periodontal disease in their pearly whites (really, pearly yellows might be more accurate). Your dentist in Fort Smith is here to help you recognize the signs of early periodontal disease and help you try to reverse its effects.


Your Family Dentist in Fort Smith Practices Preventive Care

February 9, 2017

Your family dentist in Fort Smith explains the aspects of maintaining good oral health.Did you know that only one and three people have ever used floss as a part of their at-home dental routine? Or that one in four adults admit to not brushing their teeth twice a day? Poor oral health isn’t just about problems inside the mouth. A smile is vastly important to maintaining our confidence, keeping our personalities vibrant, and playing a major key to success. Your family dentist in Fort Smith, Dr. Gilbert Lopez, is here to educate you on the best ways to take care of your teeth by visiting our office.


Your Family Dentist in Fort Smith Can Perform Extractions

January 8, 2017

Your family dentist in Fort Smith can perform extractions.When your child needs to have a tooth removed, whether it’s a wisdom tooth or for orthodontics, it can seem scary or overwhelming. They may feel fear or anxiety about their appointment, which in turn is stressful for you. The good news is that with a trusted team on your side, you and your child will have nothing to worry about. Dr. Gilbert Lopez, your family dentist in Fort Smith, can perform dental extractions, and our goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible!


Your Child’s Dentist in Fort Smith

December 20, 2016

Find the best family dentist in Fort Smith. Do some research, and you’ll conclude that Dr. Gilbert Lopez is the one for you and yours.

Your family’s oral health is vital. At New Smile Dental, we want you to choose a qualified and trusted family dentist in Fort Smith. Here’s how you can search for that excellent dental health provider.


Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Fort Smith Improves Oral Health

November 14, 2016

Wisdom teeth extraction in Fort Smith improve oral health and function. Learn about this important service from Dr. Gilbert Lopez at New Smile Dental.

Dr. Gilbert Lopez of New Smile Dental works with his patients to achieve the best oral health possible. Sometimes a tooth requires requires extraction despite everyone’s efforts toward preserving it. Dr. Lopez tells the reason behind this procedure, how it’s done and what recovery involves. Frequently, the backmost molars, or wisdom teeth in Fort Smith, are troublesome enough to need removal.


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