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Patient Forms for Fort Smith Residents

Online Forms
You can fill out our new patient forms online through these links:

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At New Smile Dental, we take pride in making your appointments extremely convenient, whether you are coming in for a routine teeth cleaning or a more comprehensive cosmetic procedure. You may think that your appointment begins when you sit in the dentist's chair, but in many ways, it really begins when you fill out patient forms before seeing the dentist.
It's safe to say that just about everybody is familiar with patient forms that need to be filled out when visiting the doctor. These forms are filled out in the waiting room before seeing the doctor and can be time consuming, adding up to an extra half-hour to an appointment.
At New Smile Dental, however, besides patient forms (i.e. Patient registration or medical/dental questionnaire) being available at our office, they can be filled out prior to your visit via our Patient Forms page on this website.
All of the forms you will need to fill out as a new or returning patient are available for your convenience. You will need a program such as Adobe Acrobat or something similar that is capable of reading these files, but these programs are free of charge and not difficult to access.
As for the forms, all you need to do is fill them out online before your appointment. That way, we will only need a few quick electronic signatures. It always helps to keep the process streamlined so that you can finish your appointment and get on with your day.