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Your Family Dentist in Fort Smith Practices Preventive Care

February 9, 2017

Your family dentist in Fort Smith explains the aspects of maintaining good oral health.Did you know that only one and three people have ever used floss as a part of their at-home dental routine? Or that one in four adults admit to not brushing their teeth twice a day? Poor oral health isn’t just about problems inside the mouth. A smile is vastly important to maintaining our confidence, keeping our personalities vibrant, and playing a major key to success. Your family dentist in Fort Smith, Dr. Gilbert Lopez, is here to educate you on the best ways to take care of your teeth by visiting our office.

What does “good” oral healthcare entail?

Ultimately, you’re in charge of your oral health. The key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums is preventive care. Preventive dentistry emphasizes the importance of ongoing hygiene practices and dental checkups. These practices prevent dental diseases or other severe conditions. By combining at-home care and in office treatments you can achieve a smile that stays strong and healthy for years to come.

At-home oral hygiene includes brushing and flossing twice daily. These repetitive practices remove dental plaque and dangerous bacteria that’s harmful to your teeth. It is important to not just rely heavily on your dentist to take care of your teeth, but for you to take your oral health care seriously as well. If you would like tips and techniques on the best ways to practice brushing your teeth, click here.

Dental checkups prevent patients from sneaky dental conditions. Most dental issues are painless or invisible to the average eye, but normal visits with your dentist will allow you to undergo a dental examination. During these visits, Dr. Lopez will also conduct an oral cancer screening as a part of your preventive care.  For the best results, visit your dentist in Fort Smith every six months or more often if you’re more at risk for dental diseases.

What happens if you don’t practice good preventive care?

Tooth decay is one of the most common of all diseases, second only to the common cold. It affects more than ninety percent of adults over the age of forty, causing tooth pain and eventually tooth loss if left untreated. If you don’t properly manage your oral health, you may find yourself spending thousands of dollars in restorative dental care. Even worse, you will be putting yourself at serious risk for oral cancer and suffering from pain that’s unnecessary.

The shocking part is that these risks are preventable if you are proactive in your oral health now. By keeping an eye out for trouble every six months, we can often reduce your potential for large dental problems.  If you have not scheduled a checkup lately, be sure to call New Smile Dental to make your appointment!

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