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Importance of properly fitting Fort Smith dentures

June 17, 2016

Fort Smith dentures are a real blessing to partially or fully edentulous persons. Dr. Gilbert Lopez tells what happens if false teeth do not fit well.

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, the majority of American adults have some degree of tooth loss due to gum disease, decay or personal injury. As such, many of the same people wear Fort Smith dentures, preserving good chewing and speaking and a more youthful facial appearance. If these appliances are loose or slip, however, oral health suffers.

What happens to denture fit

Your Fort Smith cosmetic dentist ensures correct fit every time he places a prosthetic appliance such as a full or partial denture. Oral impressions and a specific treatment plan from Dr. Gilbert Lopez allow the dental technician to craft attractive dentures that optimize eating, speech, bite height and facial appearance.

Partial dentures are comprised of one or more false teeth mounted on a metal frame that anchors to adjacent teeth.  Metal clasps typically hold the denture fast. Full dentures are crafted from tooth- and gum-colored acrylic and stay in place with the mouth’s natural suction.

With both conventional options, time and wear and tear change even the best-fitting dentures. Gum tissue and bone recede as the denture wearer ages, necessitating relining or eventual replacement of the appliance. While the devices which anchor dental implant-supported dentures rarely require removal, the denture still deteriorates gradually and needs replacement.

Reasons why dentures must fit well

Your Fort Smith cosmetic dentist cites several lifestyle and health issues resulting from poorly-fitting prosthetics:

  1. Decreased ability to bite and chew, leading to nutritional deficits as patients vary diet to eat more easily
  2. Swollen gums from constant friction
  3. TMJ dysfunction and ear pain as the jaw joint tries to accommodate denture slippage
  4. Increased use of gooey adhesives to stabilize dentures
  5. Angular Cheilitis, a painful bacterial infection at the corners of the mouth resulting from the build-up of saliva
  6. Worry over dentures moving or even falling out in public

The key to a good fit

Your Fort Smith dentures will serve you well if they are carefully crafted by Dr. Gilbert Lopez. It takes a few appointments to arrive at the finished product, but Dr. Lopez’s care and diligence result in appliances that stay in place, look attractive and last.

Additionally, the denture patient must practice excellent oral hygiene at home. That means brushing the denture with a product approved by the American Dental Association, placing it in water or a denture soak overnight and brushing and flossing remaining teeth and all soft oral tissues twice daily. As usual, the patient should see Dr. Lopez and his friendly team every 6 months for check-ups and cleanings.

Contact us

If you have questions about the fit of your current denture, please contact New Smile Dental in Fort Smith for an appointment. Also, if you need a new appliance, ask about our $100 off special.

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