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Your Child’s Dentist in Fort Smith

December 20, 2016

Find the best family dentist in Fort Smith. Do some research, and you’ll conclude that Dr. Gilbert Lopez is the one for you and yours.

Your family’s oral health is vital. At New Smile Dental, we want you to choose a qualified and trusted family dentist in Fort Smith. Here’s how you can search for that excellent dental health provider.


Wisdom Teeth and Others May Need Extraction in Fort Smith

October 8, 2016

Extractions in Fort Smith remove problem teeth, improving oral health and function. Learn of wisdom teeth extraction and more from Dr. Gilbert Lopez.

Prevention is the main goal of every family dentist, including Dr. Gilbert Lopez, of New Smile Dental. Partnering with each patient, Dr. Lopez and his talented team work toward optimizing oral health and preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible. However, sometimes wisdom, and other, teeth require extraction in Fort Smith. Learn the reasons behind this in-office procedure, how it’s done and what recovery involves.


Regular Check-ups Stop Cavities in Fort Smith

August 24, 2016

Check-ups prevent cavities in Fort SmithWhy should you get routine check-ups and cleanings at New Smile Dental? Besides preventing gum disease and cavities in Fort Smith, these appointments allow Dr. Gilbert Lopez to assess other factors associated with oral health. Patients have stronger, more attractive smiles because of these regular, careful evaluations. (more…)